Using Instagram for YOUR Business

Instagram is one of the best platforms for those who love photography, showing off their abilities e.g. cooking an amazing and drooling meal and small businesses to showcase off products. If your on Instagram thats amazing, but are your struggling for ideas and ways to show off what your doing. Here are 7 useful tips in improving your Instagram game.

Be creative in showing off your products and what you do

Focus on what the product/service does for your customer. An excellent way to do this is showing off who you are, your mission, any useful tips and always upload either a video or photos to engage your audience.

The latest feature is the stories option on Instagram, which has a slideshow format that can be useful in a promotion. There are a few key things that make stories stand out on Instagram. First that they are positioned at the top of a follower's timeline making it more noticeable; you can experiment with different features such as photo, short video, Boomerangs, live video and Rewind of a video; finally tagging other accounts in Stories is ideal for collaborators and influencer marketing. Using Stories can be a fun and engaging way to appeal to your audience and is becoming more popular

Your profile is important

Focus on your most key USP (unique selling proposition). What makes you stand out to others, why buy from you and who are you are important questions to think about that relates to USP.

The create the perfect profile, you would firstly need a Recognizable & Searchable @Username, make sure to add your full business name to the “name” section of your profile, add a recognisable image something relating to your brand logo or image. Finally, create a profile that is Informative, engaging and your USP.

Switching your account to Business which is nice and easy. Using the app, find Settings, then scroll down to Switch to a business account. When you have a business account, you can add useful business information and provide valuable insights into your audience.

Insights into Behind-the-scenes

We are naturally curious about where products come from, and you utilise Instagram to show the lifecycle of your product . Showing where something originates adds a sense of trust in your customers and show that a product is created with good quality materials, which helps there decide whether they buy from you.

If your business can't be showcased in this way, maybe showing a sketch of a design, a post-it with a new idea, or anything that reflects your business and your goals will engage your audience.

#hashtags expands your reach

To make it easier for people to find your content, it's essential to set up a company hashtag #yourbrandname, but use it sparingly across Instagram.

For each post, you create the general rule is to use between five and eleven hashtags, even though the limit is 30 per post. When using hashtags, make them relevant but also add in popular hashtags to be more discoverable. E.g., hashtags like #instagood (used is 300 million posts). If you need some help these useful hashtag generators are helpful, but there is plenty out there to choose from which suits each individuals:

Also, an excellent way to make a post look overridden with hashtags at the bottom of it is to incorporate into your content on the post, for example. This amazing #product will help those with #kneeissues to feel #fitter again.

Collaborate and @mention others

Most people don't monitor social media hashtags, so tagging an account is usually a better choice if you want to get noticed. There are also two types of ‘shout-outs’ unpaid, which is where two accounts with a similar amount of followers promote each other. A paid ‘shout-out’ is someone with a big budget paying a brand or influencer to promote their service or product, which is a great way to reach a larger audience.

Keep customers engaged

Build anticipation of a product or service by providing teaser photos of new releases or by offering exclusivity to those that are loyal followers can make your followers feel special and keep coming back for more information.

Tracking your success

so you have started a social media campaign, and it's going right, but really how well is it doing. Using Social Media management tools can help with this by tracking followers, engagement, and clicks so that you can improve on your campaign to go from doing good to doing great. There are several useful Social media analytic tools to try from:

But there are loads of other options out there to suit your budget, so work out your budget first and find one what suits i you and your needs.