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Top 8 tools for a Virtual Assistant or small business

As a virtual assistant, you tend to carry out a wide range of tasks — some of which can be time-consuming or even impossible without the right tools. With the right tools, you can handle almost any activity your client requests of you.

Check out these top 8 tools every virtual assistant or small business needs to know about. I can guarantee they will come in handy!

Dropbox business

This tool is very useful for Virtual Assistants, as you can share files without any hassle, able to store all of your files for your clients in one place and at a reasonable price.

There are various price plans to suit any budget or storage you will need from £9.99-18

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is an easy-to-use suite of office productivity tools that bring together Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You can use these tools to create and share documents and presentations, store your email inbox in the cloud, sync files across devices (including mobile), and collaborate with others. Google Suite is available to all users at no cost.


Zoom is a great tool to conduct online meetings and interviews. For a Virtual assistant conducting meetings online are especially for a remote business and it doesn’t cost anything. You can conduct meetings with up to 100 attendees at a 40-minute limit on the Free plan.

Time Doctor

This is a handy tool to track your time and payroll all in one place. It allows clients to see how long you’ve spent working on each task and it integrates with other tools like Asana and Basecamp, which can save you time.


As a small business Canva is going to make your life a lot easier. It's so useful in creating designs for social media, promotions, marketing materials, and endless designs that help you with managing your client's tasks. You can create folders to put designs, images, and videos in to keep you organised.

Canva offers a Free plan or Pro at £10.99 monthly


As a Virtual Assistant making sure spelling and grammar are spot on, is especially in your role, as it will look unprofessional to submit work online or back to a client that isn't to a high standard.

Grammarly helps with that. It helps with grammar and looks at plagiarism and punctuation to produce polished writing.

For grammar, spelling, and punctuation the Free plan is perfect, if you need a little more help with word choice or tone a Premium plan of £10 a month can be useful.


This tool is a very popular tool to help you stay organised, sign tasks, campaign management and share a calendar. It's a great management tool for very busy Virtual assistants who have multiple clients.

There are three main plans, the Basic one is Free which is useful for individuals to manage tasks and to-do lists.