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The Importance of Blogs for Businesses

If you’re not actively blogging on your business website, you’re missing out on an opportunity to improve your search engine rankings and get closer to your customers. As Google’s algorithm becomes increasingly sophisticated, blogging has become even more essential to businesses looking to make an impact online and boost their traffic in the process.

This guide will give you eight reasons why blogs are important for businesses, plus some tips for creating your own successful blog strategy.

They’re great for SEO

Building a blog will help your SEO efforts. Writing blogs makes it easier for customers to find your business through Google ranking, so when a customer searches for a specific term they will find your blog. A blog can then lead to clients buying a product or service that you provide which is good for your business.

Blogs offer another marketing channel that builds relationships with your customers and provides them with more insight into what you do.

Make sure your blog is SEO friendly by:

  • Have a structured blog

  • Use keywords in the title and in the first paragraph

  • Make sure its a minimum of 300 words

  • Include internal or external links

  • Use compressed images

  • Regular blog

They give customers a better understanding of your company and product

Blogs offer another touchpoint with customers.

They provide customers with a better understanding of your company and product and are important for SEO as well. Customers are more likely to visit your website if you have a blog, and this increases customer engagement and conversion rates.

They’re another way to reach your customer

Blogging is another way to reach your customer. You can use blogging as a way to stay on top of your industry, or to show customers the different people that make up your business. Every blog post is an opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field and build connections with potential customers.

They build trust

Having a blog is one of the best ways to build a personal, trustworthy bond with your customer. The ways in which a blog creates trust is through:

  • Relevant and trustworthy content

  • Being transparent with reviews

  • Writing original content

  • Be authentic

They establish you as an expert in your industry

Blogs establish you as an expert in your industry. In a time when information is so readily available, it's important to establish yourself as someone who has the inside scoop.

Customers will be more likely to buy from you if they know you have their best interests in mind and you're willing to share your knowledge with them. By blogging about things like industry trends and developments, you can establish yourself as an expert and give customers the information they need to make the best decisions for their businesses.

They help humanise your brand

Blogs are a great way to humanise your brand and make your business more relatable to your customers. There are a few ways a blog does this:

  • Addresses readers problems

  • Real people write the content

  • They understand their audience by speaking in a tone people understand

  • Consistent branding

  • Use casual language

  • Engages users

They’re cost effective

For many companies, blogs are one of the most cost-effective marketing efforts. With a blog, you only have to invest in creating content once and then you can use it in various ways across different platforms to reach your customers.

If a blog post goes viral, you’ll reach hundreds or even thousands more people than if you only share it through your company’s social media channels.

Measure success of a blog

Analytics of a blog posts can help you determine how successful a blog post was; there is 5 keys ways to measure this:

  • Total visits

  • New subscribers from the CTA on your blog

  • The length that a visitor stays on a website

  • The number of social shares

  • Page views per visit

By looking at these key five aspects can provide valuable insight into what your users are interested in and any weaknesses in the blog e.g. links not working or content isn’t engaging.

Blogging makes it easier for companies to gain more customer loyalty within their customer base. Companies that create a strategy of blogging consistently will grow their customer base in a way that's healthy for them.

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