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Pros and cons of Facebook

Facebook is a platform that many people are familiar with or heard about from others. It is currently one of the top social networking sites, which makes it easy for you to connect and share with family and friends online. It also has other functions such as selling items on it, be part of groups and promote your business.

Are you considering signing up to Facebook? Not really sure what the main pros and cons are?

Depending on whether you want to use it for personal or business uses, you can make the most out of it or find out if another platform would be better for you.

Read through this list of the most common issues and the positives ones before you make up your mind about whether you set an account up:

The Pros of Facebook

  • It is one of the Largest networks out there, so loads of people and businesses you may know are on there, so you can stay up to date with everyone you want to.

  • It is easy to use and to set up which is good especially as you don't want to take ages to set up an account.

  • If you’re a business you can add events to Facebook that are categorised so that people can find them easily. So if you’re a business that does classes, online events or anything that want people to attend this is a useful feature of Facebook and its free too.

  • Do you have friends who live abroad? With Facebook, you can connect with friends or family all over the world and keep tabs on what they are up to in your own personal feed.

  • Joining groups that you are interested in can be very useful as you can pick up useful tips to try out and are able to share your own advice.

  • If you love a certain brand, you can follow the company to keep up with the latest offers and news. E.g. following a clothing brand like Boohoo you can see when a sale is on.

  • Another business reason to use Facebook is a feature called FB, where you can show something off what you do or sell.

Downside to Facebook

So we have gone through the positive points of Facebook, which there are some good reasons to join. But there are a few downsides to consider as well:

  • On Facebook there is an Algorithm that changes, so basically when you post something to your business page they might not reach a large audience as it decides what posts push to users feeds. All posts are scored and the more relevant or more interesting for users to see.

  • You will need a high engagement to get noticed. The more engagement and interaction you get you can get, the larger the audience you can reach.

  • A new consideration to think about is that if your content on your page doesn’t have a lot of engagement your advertising rights get revoked until you promote better content. Facebook is trying to encourage better content online and weed out scam like content.

  • If you got through your own personal Facebook feed you will find that there are too many ads but there is a way to hide them but it only hides the companies particular ad. IT can be time-consuming if you get loads and you want to hide them

  • Like with all social media platforms it can get addictive as there is always new content on your personal feed, groups to explore and videos to watch.


The main thing you have to consider is what you want to use Facebook for and how often?

If it's for personal use and you want to keep in touch with people it’s a good platform or if you want to use it to promote your business it's got a great network.

The downside to Facebook can be a little off-putting and frustrating sometimes if you are on there for a long period of time.

My own view is that I use it mainly to promote my blog and services as a marketeer in the Facebook groups but when it comes to my own personal feed I don’t check it that often.