In demand VA skills 2022

The virtual assistant industry has been continuing to grow because of the number of businesses going more online and more new startups starting each year.

Currently, the top 7 in-demand Virtual Assistant skills in 2022 are:

Content creation

Social media and websites are a huge way for businesses to be found online and be managed, therefore the need for content creators has grown. The demand for new content, good copywriters, and creative individuals has made this a very in-demand skill. To succeed as a Virtual Assistant with the skillset there is a need for a VA to have graphic design skills, experience in copywriting, and a knowledge of each of the social media platforms.

Paid traffic/ Ad managers

Many businesses are choosing to use paid ads on social media and Google Ads to help grow their businesses.

A Virtual Assistant with experience in Ad management is a huge asset to companies and being a specialist in paid ads is a skill many companies need.

Pinterest manager

Pinterest has been a growing platform useful for many companies and a great way for your business to be found on Google, grow traffic, and create leads. Virtual Assistants skilled in SEO, graphic design, and Pinterest content marketing are a niche sought after at the moment. It's a platform that requires a lot of dedication and planning, which some businesses don't have the time for.

Social media management

There are now a lot of social media platforms, with TikTok being the latest one to emerge. So a Virtual Assistant who can create content, schedule regularly, create a calendar, analysis posts, and engage with followers is a popular skill. Juggling all of these different aspects can prove to be challenging.

Most businesses don't just have a website but multiple social media accounts, which they often struggle to manage themselves. That's why most employ a VA for extra help.

Email marketing

As social media has grown, so has email marketing even though many believe it would die out but it become a strong communication tool. Email marketing platforms have become more automated but having a good knowledge of the target audience, content that will encourage people to open emails and email strategy is a skill that takes time to learn. Making it a high in-demand tool.

Executive Assistant

As more organisations are working remotely the need for virtual executives has risen.

They specialise in helping the bosses of companies to be the best they can be by encouraging them to be effective and efficient. It's a hard role to do as there are many skills needed to do it from being resourceful, good judgment, organised, and able to stay calm under pressure.


Virtual bookkeeping assistants have become a hot commodity with many businesses choosing to hire them to manage their accounting and finances. Hiring a full-time accountant, using accounting software, or doing it yourself aren't always the best solutions for companies. That's why some are choosing a VA bookkeeper, as they can save companies, money, their flexible and they have the talent to do the role very well.


The demand for skilled Virtual Assistants had continued to grow with no slowing down. With the pandemic accelerated the trend of flexible working remote solutions and more outsourcing to experts.