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How to work out your VA niche

Having a Virtual Assistant with a niche is a good thing. By having a niche you are not just another average do it all Virtual Assistant but someone who has expertise in a key area.

As a new Virtual assistant you probably heard about niches and how that you need to focus on defining one area only, and if you don't won't find work as easily. This isn't true - it's good to have a niche or 2 it just shows your an expert in those areas and can definitely find you clients.

Because niches is a confusing and misunderstood topic i will take you through what a niche is, whether you need one and how to work out what yours is.

What is a niche ?

To sum it up, a niche is an area of expertise that you know how to do it and are good at. If you have been employed for years in different roles you have probably picked up more than one niche.

Having a niche is good for your business because:

  • You know how to do the job

  • You understand how long a task will take

  • Are able to provide quotes that are accurate

  • Your potential clients will confident in your skillset

  • You can offer guidance and advice to clients may not have thought of

  • You will be the go to VA in a specific area

  • You can be seen as a valuable asset

Different types of Virtual Assistant

There is Virtual Assistants for all kinds of businesses and there needs. Every Virtual Assistant has a different skillset and level of experience. Here are just few:

  • Admin VA

  • Bookkeeping VA

  • Social Media VA

  • IT VA

  • Data entry VA

  • Graphic design VA

  • PR VA

  • Email Marketing VA

  • Content Marketing VA

  • Website VA

The list is endless, as some Virtual Assistants can have multiple areas that they work and are experienced in.

Experts are attractive to clients

Clients like someone who has more specific skills, than an a Virtual Assistant who is an all rounder but average in all areas. Clients are happy to pay for expertise that they can rely on.

Multiple Virtual Assistants

Often businesses have a few Virtual Assistants, as they may use VA's for different tasks because they are in specialising in different areas.

One VA might run social media, another accounting etc, these Virtual Assistants are becoming irreplaceable.

How to work out your VA niche

Don't worry unless you haven't worked before your will have at least one area of expertise.

A niche will fall under three main categories - tasks, people and industry. Here are a few examples of each categories:

  1. Task you can do -

  • Webpages

  • Social Media

  • Minutes

  • Admin

  • Project Management

  • Plus so many more

2. Types of people you work with -

  • Coaches

  • Marketeers

  • Managers

  • Consultants

  • Directors

  • Trainers

  • Agencies

3. The Industries you work in -

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Events

  • Finance

  • Customer service

For example you might be an expert in Social Media who likes to work with Coaches in the Healthcare industry. By understanding the areas and people you are looking to target you are able to promote yourself to the right people.

Overall a niche is something you know how to and are good at! If you choose to offer multiple services its worth having a website with separate sections with relevant information and testimonials on it.

Grow your niche

A lot of Virtual Assistant start off with their own set of niches but these change through opportunities given by current clients, learning new skills, or by accidentally falling into another niche but finding out your really good at it.

It's important to stay up to date with your skills in a niche and always look to grow them further.