6 Ways to Optimise Your Hashtags

Hashtags are very important on Instagram, as they are way for people to find what your posting a lot easier and drive the right audience to your content. Discover some useful tips in optimising your hashtags:

Tip #1: Stay relevant - by using the maximum number of hashtags allowed by Instagram of 30, but make sure there relevant to your content, audience or business. Here are 3 very useful tools in generating hashtags:

· All-hashtag - https://www.all-hashtag.com/

· Ingramer - https://ingramer.com/tools/instagram-hashtag-generator/

· Hashtagsforlikes - https://www.hashtagsforlikes.co/hashtag-generator

Tip #2: Research hashtags – Aim for hashtags that have 10k-200k posts as these are the active ones, then find niche hashtags as these have the loyal followers and the third set of hashtags to look at is the trending ones as the can boost your content. Make sure to use more active hashtags and a few niche and trending to get a better reach of your posts.

Tip #3: Hide you hashtags- It’s a good idea to downplay those hashtags especially if you are using 30 as this can look a bit cluttered looking. So there are two ways to do this, the first is by posting all the hashtags separately in the comments on your post. People can still find your post and they cant be seen unless they click on the comments section. The other method is to write you caption then after the full stop( make sure no spaces are after) press return and add a dash or bullet and repeat 4 times then on the last line had the hashtags.

Tip #4: Add hashtags into your Instagram Profile bio – its helps to encourage people to engage more as they have something in common with you and are simple to do by simply placing ‘#’ before any word in your profile and will be a clickable link for anyone.

Tip #5: Place hashtags in Instagram stories – it can allow you to be more discoverable by a new audience and able to be seen on the collection of tagged stories on the search results page simply by adding up to 10 hashtags with one clickable sticker.

Tip #6: Avoid the Banned Hashtags- these are hashtags that have been disabled by Instagram for infringing community guidelines, you will be surprised at what seems like innocent hashtags be banned such as #humpday.

Check out these useful sources for banned hashtags:

· List on banned hashtags for 2020 - Markitors

· Useful hashtag checker