13 tips to increase Instagram engagement

Your Instagram business account is all ready to use, it’s time to get to work. Find out how to grow your instagram account and with a little research you can find out what works and what doesn't. Try these 13 tips here:

Know your audience

Using Instagram Insights under the ‘Insights’ tab you can see the data on your followers. This is a great way to look at where your audience is, age range, gender and most active time of day.

Timing is everything

Look at when your followers are online and post content at peak times. For instagram the main times to post is in the image below.

Post often

Consistently post means people are more likely to see your content and engage more, so roughly post 7 times a week, 2 stories per day and 4-7 reels per week.


Engage with your followers and talk to other users, this will help you to build up brand awareness and create some relationships with your followers. Ever day aim to engage with your audience 15 mins a day.

Add captions

Writing a short captivating caption will drive engagement, so add in those emojis which will keep your captions easy to follow for all audiences.

Tag other Instagram users

By tagging brands and people who are in your industry, it helps increase the chance that user’s follow you will see your post.


By tagging your location, your photo will show up in ‘places’ tab in Instagram’s search bar, along with others tagged in the same location.

Keep up to date with trends

It shows that you know what is going on and what’s popular by posting content with the latest hashtags but you can still show off who you are.

Photos that you pause at

Always think about the images you post, by choosing by post with the best quality or very informative images that attract people to read your caption or even visit your website.

Get creative

Play around with infographics, text fonts, images, quotes or content that will have your followers to come back again and again like a tutorial.

Use videos

Try out different types of videos, 30 second ones or short or long videos. The most popular videos are ones like how-to tutorials, behind-the-scenes, interviews, teaser trailers and news.

Try Instagram stories

This has one of the most useful ways to get your audience engaged. There are a full range of features to try out such as stickers and other interactive features. its worth trying out what works for you.

Finally use hashtags

Use them on all your posts and in your Instagram Stories as it’s the best way to get noticed. You need to be using up to 30 hashtags on a regular post, and up to 10 hashtags on a Story.

For more tips and to earn about hashtags check out this Instagram Hashtag guide