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10 ways to stay productive at home

Some of the biggest challenges of working from home are being able to stay productive and self-motivated while juggling your daily job and family life.

Here are 10 tips to help you stay on top of your tasks while working from home:

Create an effective workspace

We all have a comfortable spot in our homes for working like the sofa or in your bed, but is it the right place for you to work in a productive way? It's a good idea to have just one spot in your home that is your workspace, that has to have a good source of natural light and an area that helps you define it as a working and relaxing space.

If you haven't the space for a separate workspace, choose a space that is free from distractions and household noises.

Set your desk up correctly and maintain good posture

The setup of your desk can help your health, by making small changes such as the correct chair height, good desk space, and the right height of a monitor. These changes can help stop those lower back pains, eye strain, and headaches that you can experience.

Create the perfect Ergonomic Workspace here:

Try to limit distractions at home

Working at home has so many benefits but there are a lot of distractions that can stop you from being productive. It is so tempting to clean a few dishes or do the washing. Try allocating time for these types of activities either before your working day or at the end.

Not only will you overcome a distraction, but you will discover a solution that boosts productivity instead!

Limit your social media interaction

It's so easy to quickly check your social media and before you know it you have wasted about an hour, and then you find it hard to get back on track. If you are finding this is a common problem, turn off your notifications and make sure you don’t access social media on your desktop.

Maybe have allotted times throughout the day to look at your channels and for specific times or only look at social media outside your working day.

Set healthy boundaries with your household

When you're at home it's so easy for your family and friends to remember you are working, make it clear to everyone what your working hours are, and to avoid interrupting you.

Start the day off right

It’s a good idea to change out of your pyjamas and brush your teeth, as getting ready in the morning will help you to adopt a professional mindset, while signalling that your working day is due to begin.

Create a schedule that suits you

Having a schedule helps you work out what tasks you need to do, meet deadlines and when you can take on more work. Here's how you can schedule your day:

  • Set up a calendar or get a planner

  • Organise your tasks

  • Prioritise your tasks

  • Schedule a time for each task

  • Make sure you have a cushion on your tasks e.g. add an extra 5 minutes

  • Make sure you have blocked out time for other work

  • Keep to the schedule

Listen to music

In a normal office, you aren’t normally allowed music on, so at home, it's nice to create a nice environment. Also, music has been known to help boost productivity and keep the mind sharp too. Try music that isn’t too distracting but is enjoyable to listen to.

Take regular breaks

Without a break, you will start to feel a little burnt out and you won’t stay productive for the day. A good idea is to try and go outside for fresh air on your lunch break or even stepping out your front door for a few minutes can help your mental state.

To-do list

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to help your productivity. Have post-its to hand for those random tasks that come to mind but know you need to do. It's also good to visualise what you have to do each day and get to tick things off the list.